Nom: Bendiab

Prénom: Gueltoum

Domaines de compétences: Network, Network Security, Social Engineering, Intrusion Prevention Detection and Response, Blockchain,




Titre Auteurs DOI/URL
IDERES: Intrusion detection and response system using machine learning and attack graphs Bendiab Gueltoum
Matthew Swann
Joseph R.Rose
Konstantinos-Panagiotis Grammatikakis
Nicholas Kolokotronis
Ioannis Koufos
Stavros Shiaeles
Cybersecurity Challenges in the Maritime Sector Bendiab Gueltoum
Stavros Shiaeles
Frank Akpan
Michalis Michaloliakos
On the suitability of blockchain platforms for IoT applications: Architectures, security, privacy, and performance Bendiab Gueltoum
Stavros Shiaeles
Nicholas Kolokotronis
Konstantinos Limniotis
FCMDT: A Novel Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Dynamic Trust Model for Cloud Federated Identity Management Bendiab Gueltoum
Stavros Shiaeles
Samia Boucherkha
Bogdan Ghita
MALGRA: Machine Learning and N-Gram Malware Feature Extraction and Detection System Bendiab Gueltoum
Stavros Shiaeles
Bogdan Ghita
Muhammad Ali
A Comparative Study of Traffic Generators: Applicability for Malware Detection Testbeds Bendiab Gueltoum
Matthew Swann
Joseph Rose
Stavros Shiaeles
Nick Savage


Titre DOI/URL Type
CHAINGE: A Blockchain Solution to Automate Payment Detail Updates to Subscription Services Consulter Conférence
CIDS: Collaborative Intrusion Detection System using Blockchain Technology Consulter Conférence
Data Exfiltration: Methods and Detection Countermeasures Consulter Conférence
IPASS: A Novel Open-Source Intelligence Password Scoring System Consulter Conférence
Open Source and Commercial Capture The Flag Cyber Security Learning Platforms - A Case Study Consulter Conférence
Insider Threat Detection using Deep Autoencoder and Variational Autoencoder Neural Networks Consulter Conférence
Intrusion Detection using Network Traffic Profiling and Machine Learning for IoT Consulter Conférence
Tools for Network Traffic Generation - A Quantitative Comparison Consulter Conférence
On the Security and Privacy of Hyperledger Fabric: Challenges and Open Issues Consulter Conférence
A Novel Approach to Detect Phishing Attacks using Binary Visualisation and Machine Learning Consulter Conférence
Advanced metering infrastructures: security risks and mitigation Consulter Conférence
IoT Malware Network Traffic Classification using Visual Representation and Deep Learning Consulter Conférence
Detection of Insider Threats using Artificial Intelligence and Visualisation Consulter Conférence
WiP: A Novel Blockchain-Based Trust Model for Cloud Identity Management Consulter Conférence
A New Dynamic Trust Model for "On Cloud" Federated Identity Management Consulter Conférence
A Dynamic Federated Identity Management Approach for Cloud-Based Environments Consulter Conférence
A Novel Access Control Model for Securing Cloud API Consulter Conférence
Cloud Computing API Security: Comparative analysis of access control systems Consulter Conférence
XACML based Access Control Model for Securing Cloud Environment Consulter Conférence
Assessment Criteria for Federated identity management in cloud computing Consulter Conférence