Nom: Ghenai

Prénom: Afifa

Domaines de compétences: Cybersécurité ; Intelligence Artificielle ; IoT,




Titre Auteurs DOI/URL
Federation-Level Agreement and Integrity-Based Managed Cloud Federation Architecture Ghenai Afifa
Execution of Long-Duration Multi-Cloud Serverless Functions Using Selective Migration-Based Approach Ghenai Afifa
SaNTEA: Stopwatch Petri Net based Tool for Embedded systems Analysis Ghenai Afifa
Hybrid Simulation based Approach for Embedded Systems Reliability Analysis Ghenai Afifa


Titre DOI/URL Type
HST-Detector: A Multimodal Deep Learning System for Twitter Spam Detection Consulter Conférence
A Multimodal Spam Filtering System for Multimedia Messaging Service Consulter Conférence
A Smart Healthcare Imbalanced Classes Model Using Multi Conditional-Task GAN Consulter Conférence
A Multi-Objective Genetic GAN Oversampling: Application to Intelligent Transport Anomaly Detection Consulter Conférence
A Blockchain Data Balance using a Generative Adversarial Network Approach: Application to Smart House IDS Consulter Conférence
Deep Learning Environment Perception and Self-Tracking for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Consulter Conférence
Data Oriented Blockchain: Off-Chain Storage with Data Dedicated and Prunable Transactions Consulter Conférence
A Migration-based Approach to execute Long-Duration Multi-Cloud Serverless Functions Consulter Conférence
Towards distributed containerized serverless architecture in multi cloud environment Consulter Conférence
Multi-user dynamic scheduling- based resource management for Internet of Things applications Consulter Conférence
Temporal Reliability Analysis of Embedded Systems Consulter Conférence